Tools you will need to supply and have on hand:

2- 9/16” wrenches

2- 1 1/8” wrenches

7/16” wrench

10 mm wrench

14 mm wrench

3 mm Allen Wrench

Wire stripper

Wire crimper

Flathead screwdriver


Step 1- Drive bracket assembly

Secure drive motor to drive brackets, securing with a 14 mm wrench

*Note that both drive brackets are the same and can be used for both right and left application

Step 2- Installing control box bracket

Install control box bracket using ¼” x ¾” bolt and flange nut

The bolts gently glide onto the control box and will need to be lined up with the bracketing

Attach antenna

Assemble optional LED light feature at this time by securing light to control box by using the (4) ¼” x ¾” bolts and nuts. Plug light into the back of the control box

Note the secured light that is plugged firmly into the back of the control box

Note the secured control box brackets on the side 

Step 3- Remove existing tires on discharge side of hopper

Step 4- Bolt both mounting brackets onto auger using existing holes

Step 5- Install drive motor assembly to the mounting plate by using 3/8” x 9” bolt and locknuts. Achieve desired height by sliding the bracket up or down selecting appropriate hole to secure.

Make proper adjustments to height  

Step 6- Install drive tire and secure with 5/16” lynch pin

Step 7- Install drive motor and Y- harness between the drive motor and control box. Attach the longer leg of the Y-harness to the bottom studs of the control box

Note: Mover direction can be reversed by reversing the wires on the Y-harness and the control box

Step 8: Install control box harness to top pegs of control box:

Red to positive

Black to negative  

Note: This harness has an additional disconnect to be used for the optional lift winch system.

Fasten the harness securely to the auger all the way to the draw bar using zip ties.

Step 9- Cut the tractor harness to the proper length to reach the tractor battery. Install the circuit breaker as close to the positive battery post as possible. Be sure you have 12 volt operating system on your tractor.
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