Auger Jogger

The patented Auger Jogger is a remotely controlled electric auger mover, unique in that it has two independently driven motors. On each weight-bearing side of the tub you will find an electric worm drive motor, connected to our control box that links right into your tractor battery. You never have to start your tractor to use your Auger Jogger.

Our patented quick disconnect for the tires allows you to pull a pin and free wheel the tire.

Most auger manufacturer bolt hole patterns are pre-punched into the bracketing. Our mover fits all low profile tubs. Very few, if any,  modifications are needed to fit the Auger Jogger onto your tub quickly and easily.
  • The Auger Jogger remotely swings your auger within a 100 foot range
  • Moves forward and backward
  • Up to three augers per remote, and up to 10 different remotes per system
  • Runs on 12 volt DC power so you don't have to run a tractor to operate it
  • No leaky hydraulics
  • Mounts easily with existing holes on hopper. No drilling required
  • Adjusts to multiple different height levels to match factory settings
  • Will not lose traction in uneven or loose terrain
  • Super lug scientifically pitched tires follow precise arc every time
  • Can move by remote control or by manual toggle switch on control box
  • No more aching back from pushing and pulling swing away
  • Stay out of the direct path of dust and dirt
  • Be able to see if you are lined up to auger before getting out of truck
  • Opens up work force opportunities by allowing a wider range of helpers
  • 2 high-torque drive motors; one per side
  • Optional work light and winch available
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